1. Stretching (22/07/2013)

Written by Timothy Wong
Organised by Tony Chow, Fiona Wong and Timothy Wong (Group Leader)

The stretching exercise has successfully been held on 22 July 2013 (Monday) in Kowloon City Baptist Church Neighbourhood Elderly Centre (Lok Fu). This was our first activity. Our team members and secondary school students from LKYMS held for the older adults. Before the event began, Timothy Wong, one of the Healthy Living Ambassadors (HLAs) in our team, held a warm-up exercise called Teacher Says in order to get to know each other. Tony Chow, was then responsible in teaching and exchanging stretching exercises and tips to the older adults. There were altogether 6 steps to allow participants to try stretching from the easiest to the most difficult level which were endorsed by Dr Lobo Louie from the Department of Physical Education. Although the average age of the participants was about 70 and some of them were physically less mobile, all older adults were very eager to follow the movements without any hesitation. Some performed better than us! At the end of the activity, we ended with joy and laughter and all participants got something valuable in their pockets.

We all were very surprised by their excitement and joy. We learnt that everyone including youngsters and older adults should be equal. Although the elderly are older, they are more sincere and active than most youngsters. In short, within the learning community, we should put our prejudices away and embrace sincerity by any means and any time, so as to make the society more harmonious and adoptable.