2. Bag Making (29/07/2013)

Written by Elaine Wang and Rebecca Pu
Organised by Theresa Ng, Ning Tong (Group Leader), Elaine Wang and Rebecca Pu

The creative session — “Bag Decoration” was successfully held on 29 July 2013 at Kowloon City Baptist Church Elderly Centre (Lok Fu). As the older adults and students got to know each other better, this session ran smoothly with more interactions and conversations. We first taught them to decorate a single-coloured bag with paper napkins and glues. After that, the HLAs and students from LKYMS were divided into groups and work cohesively with the elderly. The elderly shared a lot with us on the inspiration of making the bags. This session ended with group photos and cheerful stories shared by some older adults. Participants got their hand-made bag delightedly.

This session required collaborations and communications, which helped in developing the relationship between the older adults and students. The older adults were more willing to share their stories with us in this session.

It takes time for us to know and get familiar with each other. When we gave our heart and talked to the older adults sincerely, they were more eager to talk with us. The older adults picked their favourite patterns and sticked them in their own way, so they got a sense of satisfaction when they finished their masterpieces. All participants enjoyed this simple but creative session which reminded us that life is full of surprises if we were ready to look for them.