1. Knowledge. Our Healthiness. (28/02/2015)

Written by Ryan Wong
Organised by Rachel Ho, Theresa Ng, Xenia Wu, Ryan Wong and Ivan Choi (Group Leader)

In 28th February morning, our team organized “Knowledge. Our Healthiness.” at Hong Kong Baptist university. The aim of our activities is to show the elderly ways to enhanced health status. Before the event start, we had collected data from the Kowloon City Baptist Church Neighbourhood Elderly Centre and Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Lok Man Alice Kwok Integrated Service Centre to help us understand the health status and living habits of the elderlies. After analyzing the data and taken advices from professors, we found out that there are some ways could improve the elderlies’ health. In order to present the useful information in an interesting and joyful way to the elderlies, we incorporate the information in a serious of activities. Through games, exercises and role-plays, the elderlies know more knowledge related to their health, and this would definitely help them improving their health.

To our team, this is a precious and happy learning opportunity. Normally, we seldom have chances to work with professors and secondary school students, but this time we luckily to have the opportunity to cooperate with them to service the society. Beside, the preparation of this activity is challenging, but also worthwhile, it bought a meaningful experience in our university’s learning.