8. DIY Detergent (07/07/2014)

Written by Tony Chow
Organised by Tony Chow, Astrid Choi, Bonnie Ho, Joe Leung, Michelle Lui and Timothy Wong (Group Leader)

On 7th July 2014, a DIY cleansing detergent workshop was held at Kowloon City Baptist Church Elderly Centre (Lok Fu) as a finalé of Lok Fu activities. This activity was co-organised with four older adults, and it was the first time we worked together with representatives from the elderly centre in the planning process in order to emphasise collaborative learning. Ms Kam, one of the older adults, worked closely with students as the hosts of the event. The older adults shared with everyone cleansing tricks and tips. In addition, Tony demonstrated the procedures to make organic detergent with fruit peels. All elderly and students produced their own detergents and brought them back home. This event was well-received as it was practical and useful for all.

Being one of the committee members, I was glad that all of us could learn from each other in this successful event. I would like to show my gratitude to all committee members, especially the elderly representatives. Without their whole-hearted involvement, valuable opinions and life-long intelligence, the activity would not be as fruitful and feasible. In the future, students may organise more activities that are closely related to daily lives, in order to let participants learn and share more with all stakeholders.