5. Reminiscing the Joy (23/08/2013)

Written by Jerry Fung, Natalie Wong and Leanne Yuen
Organised by Jerry Fung (Group Leader), Teresa Leung, Stacy Li, Natalie Wong, Rebecca Wong and Leanne Yuen

“Reminiscing the Joy” was held on 23 August 2013, Monday. It was a morning filled with nostalgia, as well as a mark to indicate an end of Phase 1. The good old times of the participants were recalled. The nostalgic atmosphere encouraged participants to share about their precious past experience with us. A great chance was offered to students to learn from them. This highlighted the aim of building a multi-generational learning community which we particularly emphasise.

As the generation born in an era of peace and prosperity, we could hardly imagine the hardship the elderly experienced in the past. The sharing, showing their fortitude and courage, was a form of cultural inheritance that taught us a valuable lesson.