Objectives and Overview

Building Learning Community through a Transdisciplinary Multi-layered Approach, is a project funded by the Strategic Development Fund (SDF) of Hong Kong Baptist University. It aims to provide a platform for university teaching staff, professionals, university students, secondary school students and older adults to interact with and learn from one another. With the support of university teaching staff and professionals, HKBU students take the initiative to plan and organise community care activities. This process contributes to students’ whole person development. The project also enables teaching staff to transfer their academic and professional expertise to university students, and then to secondary school students and the community at large through outreach community learning activities. This has the potential to bring about changes and improvements to the community.

The transdisciplary multi-layered Community of Practice project is led by Professor Atara Sivan, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Professor of the Department of Education Studies. Its members comprise teaching staff from the Department of Education Studies (Professor Vicky Tam, Mr Yeung Siu Wing, Dr Kwan Yee Wan, Mr Eugene Tam and Mr Michael Ho), the Department of Physical Education (Dr Lobo Louie), the Department of Social Work (Professor Petrus Ng, Mr John Ng and Dr Esther Cho) and the Department of Sociology (Dr Odalia Wong). HKBU students joining the project come from various Faculties, Schools and Departments. The activities of the three phases have been assisted by the students from Lee Kau Yan Memorial School (LKYMS).