9. Graduation (Phase 2) (14/07/2014)

Written by Xenia Wu
Organised by Danielle Au (Group Leader), Niki Lam, Cici Shum, Cake Wong, Timothy Wong and Xenia Wu

The graduation ceremony for the elderly was held on 14 July 2014 in the Academic and Administration Building. This activity was the epilogue of Phase 2. All parties including academics, students, older adults and supervisors of two elderly centres were invited to join this remarkable event.

The ceremony included sharing of students, professors, social workers, and the principal of LKYMS. Elderly from two centres then had a performance respectively. Lok Fu representatives sang “Under the Lion Rock” and To Kwa Wan performed “Man Loves Freedom”. Furthermore, there were also piano and dancing performance done by HKBU and secondary school students. However, the most memorable time was the certificate presentation and group photo taking. The older adults were carefully dressed on that day, all of them were very energetic.

Although this session required more preparation works, when we saw the satisfaction and happiness of the older adults, we felt deserved and honoured in organising everything for them.

A lot of older adults raised the point that they did not go to school in the past, now they had the chance to wear graduation gowns. As university students, we learnt in this process as we observed that it was very easy to praise and give like what the elderly did. We should consistently accumulate our happiness and energy, so as to deliver them to persons in need in the society.