4. Sing-a-long Carnival (16/06/2014)

Written by Timothy Wong
Organised by Tony Chow, Astrid Choi, Bonnie Ho, Joe Leung, Michelle Lui and Timothy Wong (Group Leader)

The Singing Contest was the first activity held in Kowloon City Baptist Church Neighbourhood Centre (Lok Fu) in Phase 2. Unlike Phase 1, the singing contest was a brand new idea for students and older adults, in order to let them familiarise and ice-break with each other. At the beginning the students initiated an ice-breaking game in which participants were required to pass certain lyrics secretly. All participants enjoyed the ice-breaking and they were looking forward to the upcoming event, which was the singing performance. The participants were divided into 4 groups and they were assigned songs they were going to perform. When the groups rehearsed, they sang the songs and flawlessly added some moves to fit with their styles. At the end, all older adults were very fascinated with their groupmates’ performance and the overall atmosphere, and they also looked forward to the next event.

This was the first time for some of the students and older adults to join the activities in Phase 2. Like what we have experienced in the past, the older adults were very keen to play and interact with us. While we were organising the event, we found it easier to handle the atmosphere since the older adults could easily be motivated. Some new students were astonished by this scene because they did not expect the elderly to be so active. Both older adults and students can be constantly happy and positive in daily lives.