1. Healthy Exercises (12/04/2014)

Written by Theresa Ng
Organised by Jerry Fung (Group Leader), Rachel Ho, Theresa Ng, Natalie Wong, Leanne Yuen and Pheobe Zhang

This activity was conducted at H.K.S.K.H. Lok Man Madam Alice Kwok Integrated Service Centre in To Kwa Wan. The towel exercise was taught before the game with some old music. After that, there was a mass game called Teacher Says (in a variation of “Healthy Person Says”). The towel exercise was incorporated into the game so as to make it challenging. Meanwhile, elderly were able to move and stretch in this exciting moment.

For example, when the MC said, “The healthy person asks you all to move to the left,” then all people had to follow the instruction and move the towel to the left. On the contrary, when the words “healthy person says” were omitted, those participants who followed the instruction would lose. After the towel exercise, HKBU students, elderly and secondary schools students divided themselves into small groups to get to know each other. The theme of healthy living was encouraged and healthy messages were prepared for the participants.

Towel exercise was the starter of Building Learning Community through a Transdisciplinary Multi-layered Approach in Phase 2. Our first impression of the elderly was that they looked young and sweet. They felt glad to take part in our towel exercise. We were so touched that the elderly tried their best to finish the whole set of towel exercise. We took a lot of photos and shared some healthy messages together.

We became friends. It was an amazing experience since we never imagine that we would have friends who are over 60 years old. Our towel exercise came to an end with great success.