5. Bag Design (21/06/2014)

Written by Ning Tong and Dina Au
Organised by Dina Au, Ivan Choi, Ken Lau, Ning Tong (Group Leader) and Mood Tsang

There was a handcraft session held at To Kwa Wan centre on 21 June 2014. It aimed at letting the elderly know a form of contemporary art in foreign countries that called Decoupage. In this activity, the elderly decorated and made unique bags by their own with their unlimited creativity. It was easy for both students and elderly to learn. The elderly made good use of the prepared materials, including patterned napkins, glues and scissors, and made their own bags. The response to this activity was positive. All participants, including HKBU staff and students were absorbed into this designing and hand-making sessions. Some elderly even shared their pieces and taught their friends to make the bags.

In fact, we had already held the same activity in Phase 1 of the project. We decided to organise it again as it was well-received and older adults could learn more about Decoupage. The most surprising thing was that they kept asking questions about the Decoupage. Their eagerness for knowledge was also impressive. This reminded us to ask more questions and be inquisitive.