2. Back to the Future (07/03/2015)

Written by Louise Cheung
Organised by Ken Lau, Timothy Wong, Fiona Wong, Louise Cheung and Tony Chow (Group Leader)

“Back to the future” aims to let participants share the most memorable past time with others, to learn how to appreciate our present life, to promote the positive lifestyle to the elderly by sharing our childhood photos; having a relaxing time and playing a game on how to maintain a happy life and lastly sharing our feelings with group mates.

With a comfortable atmosphere, we discovered each other’s happy moment in the past. We knew more about the elderly’s positive opinions on life through sharing with them. On the other hand, they listened our younger generation’s stories and life style. By participating in the workshop, we all were having a great time on recalling the past joyful time, cherishing and appreciating things that we have now and positively looking forward to our future. The most impressive thing I felt was that we had a better understanding on different generation’s values, which I did not expect before I have participated in this activity. It was like an insight, which gave us an opportunity to know more about what they thought and learn from them. To conclude, from their proactive participation, we knew that they were really enjoyed.