3. Games Day (05/08/2013)

Written by Jerry Fung, Natalie Wong and Leanne Yuen
Organised by Jerry Fung (Group Leader), Teresa Leung, Stacy Li, Natalie Wong, Rebecca Wong and Leanne Yuen

The activity was held on 5 August 2013, Monday in Kowloon City Baptist Church Neighbourhood Elderly Centre (Lok Fu). Older adults from the centre spent a joyful afternoon with students from HKBU and LKYMS. We started with The Magic Carpet — an adventurous warm-up game, in which participants showed their wisdom and cooperation. This was followed by a series of games which required efforts from the whole team.

The active participation and involvement of the older adults ignited the whole activity. They showcased their wisdom and energy throughout the process. All of us had a great time together. The activity ended with our laughter and applause. Gifts were also presented to older adults who had won the games.