5. Graduation (Phase 3) (25/04/2015)

Written by Stephanie Cheung
Organised by Danielle Au, Cici Shum, Emma Chan, Stephanie Cheung and Niki Lam (Group Leader)

In SPF phrase 3, my groupmates and I were responsible for the 4th activity. The activity was held on 28th March from 10:00 – 12:00. As the final activity of the whole phrase, we wanted to focus on something different. Besides physical health, maintaining good mental health is also important for elderly. Our main activity was to create D.I.Y. memory box by both materials provided and brought by the elderly.

Talking about what I have learnt from the activity, I think I have learnt the most from the sharing of the elderly. In the sharing, the elderly revealed their stories behind those beautiful boxes. An elderly shared his childhood memory of playing in the playground through making swings and slides in his box. Another elderly expressed her love towards traditional Chinese decorations by filling the box with her decorations like red butterflies. I was deeply impressed by the creativity so as the unique story behind each box. I realize that actually it is not difficult to break through the ‘boundaries’ between people from different backgrounds, different generations. It all depends on us — whether we are willing to open our ears to listen, our mind to think. It is true especially facing the elder generation. They are the ‘living treasures’ with lots of stories and experience to tell. I felt like I was closer with the elderly in the group after the sharing!