6. Recycling (23/06/2014)

Written by Mood Tsang and Ken Lau
Organised by Dina Au, Ivan Choi, Ken Lau, Ning Tong (Group Leader) and Mood Tsang

On 23 June 2014, our group held an activity concerning recycling of domestic wastes at Lok Fu Centre. In the previous week, we asked the elderly to bring some domestic wastes from home for this event, including paper rolls, plastic bottles and strings. On that day, the elderly were divided into four groups and they collaborated with group members to create a new thing by using the domestic wastes they had brought. The elderly made some creative design and worked cooperatively.

At first we were worried about the reactions of the elderly, since they might not be familiar with recycling. Yet, we were surprised by their brilliant creativity and enthusiasm for making what they had designed. Some of the elderly even shared their daily experience of reusing and recycling old things with us. We were very absorbed into the activity. By looking at their smiles, we were satisfied and touched. Getting along with the elderly enriched our experience as we learnt more about the meaning of life.